At Able Medical Devices:

  • We are driven to be the preferred partner in medical device manufacturing and development.
  • We anticipate customer needs to deliver solutions that make a difference.
  • We do this to provide value to our employees, shareholders, and community.

Guiding Principles

We DO what we say — We hold a Commitment to the highest standards – integrity is the foundation upon which our company is built. We are reliable and earn our customers trust through consistent delivery.

We are FOCUSED — We anticipate Customer needs – understanding their pain points before they occur. We want our customers to be unable to imagine doing business without us.

We work TOGETHER — We insist on a Culture of respect – understanding each other’s perspectives, collaborating through struggles and acknowledging successes. We respectfully challenge each other and commit totally once a decision is made.

We EXECUTE — We promote a Culture of action – understanding our requirements, acknowledging our responsibilities and calculating the necessary risk to do what is right. We don’t let things sit because they are uncomfortable.

We ADVANCE — We foster a Culture of continuous improvement – contributing to simple and consistent problem solving, foreseeing and preventing issues and adopting best practices. We aim to be a better version of ourselves every day.

We CARE — We value our Communities, our employees, and our customers – knowing our products improve the quality of life of patients, our work is never done. We love where we live and continue the Longyear Legacy of sustainably developing and utilizing our resources.